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The aim of the Paris Innovation Grand Prix is to support the development of innovative companies in the fast-growing sectors operating in Ile-de- France region.




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Energy & Mobility

Contestants in the Energy & Mobility Category develop products or services that contribute directly or indirectly to improving the environment, and generally fall within the scope of sustainable development.

- Reducing GES emissions
- Energy efficiency
- Energy insecurity
- Green/renewable energies
- Waste/biomass treatment
- Sustainable development/energy transition
- Agrochemicals
- Innovative revegetation, including urban farming
- Multi-modal energy solutions
- Last-mile logistics
- Electric/hydrogen-powered/NGV vehicles
- Driverless vehicles
- Connected vehicles


Your innovation consists of developing products or solutions for the health and wellbeing sector. You are dedicated to researching and/or transforming current healthcare practices, and using new technologies is essential. Your service, product or solution contributes notably to improving health and wellbeing, healthcare practices and patient relations, or observation, prevention and education in healthcare.

- Medical equipment
- Instruments
- Health and well-being services
- New medication
- Preventive mechanisms
- Accompanying invalids, the elderly or disabled/ Silver economy
- Patient relations
- Wellbeing in the workplace
- Health in the workplace
- Environmental health
- Handicap
- Diagnostic aids
- Nutrition
- Telemedicine
- Serious games based on health and wellbeing themes

Mobile and Connected City dwellers

Contestants in this category design and/or develop services which facilitate the daily lives of urban consumers (B-to-C). The highly innovative features of these services are their most significant differentiating factor:

- B-to-C services
- Soft mobility (walking, cycling…), Collaborative mobility
- Collaborative platforms, product and service trading platforms
- B-to-C mobile services
- B-to-C banking, finance, trade and insurance services
- Mobile and connected devices
- Urban innovation for end users

Reinventing User Experience

Contestants in the Digital User Experience Category develop innovative approaches to improve customer experiences using both digital and physical contact channels:

- E-commerce services
- Geo-localization
- Intelligent signage
- New payment methods
- Immersive experience (virtual or augmented reality…)
- Artificial intelligence and machine learning
- Service robotics
- Customer experience – proximity and remote retail channels