We are a brazilian(yet) startup that developed a solution that eliminates in 100% water usage in urination. We developed a biodegradable solution that works in urine, removing the smell, changing the color, cleaning the toilet/urinal, givind a good smeel without water! And cost less than water! Every time the user goes to urinate, instead the flush just press Piipee one time and Piipee will do all the work. Our main market its B2B but we sell through our website to B2C too. We have more than 400 clients B2B, some like Pepsico, Ambev, Vale do Rio Doce, Braskem, Arcellor Mital, MDiasBranco, Oxiteno, AngloGold, Enel, Engie, Givaudan, Philip Morris and a lot of others big clients.