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Moonshot 2040

Candidates in the Moonshot 2040 Category seek to reinvent the city of the future. Committed to meeting societal challenges, they are rethinking the lifestyles of 2040. Their focus is on creating carbon-free, sustainable cities where environmental and human well-being are priorities.
They can be corporate structures, associations or research teams.
If the business model hasn't yet been created, the concept must be advanced enough to be assessed and evaluated by the members of the jury.

- New ways of interacting
- Future transport modes
- New ways of working
- New consumer habits
- Leisure activities of the future ....

This category can be chosen by french or international companies, research laboratories, associations or NGOs

Cozy Cloud

Cozy Cloud

Paris - France

cozyclou.pngOur personal data are all in the cloud, in the "cloud of others".
What if I put all my data in "my cloud"? I will then be able to benefit from services which are impossible when my data are isolated from each other into the closed silos of GAFAs.
Cozy Cloud offers everyone their Personal Cloud, their smart digital home that combines comfort and security.
It's a Copernican revolution that is shaking up the cloud: users, who have become products, regain their status of customers and citizens.
This decentralization is the major issue of democracies in the digital age, but also the opportunity sought by European bricks & mortars threatened by the GAFAs.


Saint-Malo - France

Smiile aims at facilitating and encouraging social interactions between neighbours at city scale. If it might be seen as a social network, it is, in fact, much more than that. Unlike a “typical” social network, that allows virtual interactions, Smiile encourages real life social exchanges. It seeks to regroup multiple services such as bulk purchases, carpooling, objects sharing, services sharing... The goal is to give cities this social intelligence that is typical of small villages, where inhabitants naturally exchange and help each other’s. Moreover, this allows cities to become more resilient. It also allows citizens to communicate directly with their city council, therefore giving them the possibility to become an actor of the development of the city.


Barra Mansa - Brasil

We have created a natural absorber for oil spill accidents remediation. Our product was tested by CEDRE and has been considered as the most efficient oil or derivatives absorber in the World. Besides being more efficient, our product is 100% natural, faster and cheaper than the others. The most important, our technology is the only one around the World that allows the reuse of spilled oil.

Smart Futures

Aix-en-Provence - France

Smart Futures aims at driving citizens' engagement to optimize public services. Our collaborative solutions use both collective and artificial intelligence to help public administrations improve the governance and maintenance of the city. We innovate through the usage of gamification and rewards to foster engagement and make future cities more sustainable and inclusive.


Jaipur - India

Hexpressions is a product service innovation providing affordable, fast, modular and sustainable homes to all sections of the society with a new age construction material called "Composite Paper Honeycomb Panel”. Composite Paper Honeycomb Panel has two components - an inner core (paper honeycomb made with recycled paper) and outer face material (any local materials like cement board, wood, stone etc.). This new age wonder material has the capacity to replace the traditional construction materials and reduces the carbon footprint on the planet. The project largely focuses on environmental issues (paper waste) and societal issues (housing affordability & social integration) addressing housing affordability crisis and social exclusion from our society. Aim of the project is to support underserved communities with a permanent shelter. The solution empowers people by providing training and skill development to build their own homes and live a dignified life. Composite Paper Honeycomb Panel is an evolutionary product that replaces non eco-friendly materials like (wood, PUF, Rock Wool Mineral wool, EPS) in their respective applications while preserving the key virtues of their usage in the concerned applications. Composite Paper Honeycomb Panel is an eco-friendly, versatile, flexible and lightweight material that has excellent compatibility with other materials and an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. It combines with plywood, steel, plastics, FRP and many other materials as its sandwich faces to form some of the strongest composite panels for its weight and dimensions. It is also more economical than most materials, thereby making it an ideal choice. As a product made from recycled paper and eco-friendly glue, it is a boon to the earth as a 100% bio-degradable, non polluting, eco-friendly material. Large scale usage of paper honeycomb can drastically boost aim of preserving the nature. Hexpressions is using a holistic approach which will provide the user an end to end solution. Our solution will change the complete life cycle of the project from starting to end. The prefabricated composite honeycomb panels will be designed to suit the end user's daily needs. The Solution will reach the consumer as a flatpack which will consist of Prefabricated honeycomb panels, connectors, sealants and handling instructions in the form of audio and videos. A team of assemblers will come and assemble the house for the consumer in no time.

Cueillette Urbaine

Paris - France

We will have to feed 10 billion of people in 2050, whereas our agriculture is questioned about its environmental and productive aspects. If we want to produce more quantitativly, more ecologically and why not more qualitativly, while preserving our natural and rural ecosystems; there is a solution: urban farming.
In Cueillette Urbaine, we develop multifunctional urban farms that are both innovative and ecological, producing old and rare varieties while reducing the building's carbon footprint. Cueillette Urbaine was born from a simple observation: How to make cities more pleasant to live? How to produce organic fruits and vegetables on the roof of a building?
We develop healthy urban farming projects based on permaculture and to provide fresh produce and organic qualities. We propose aquaponic and bioclimatic greenhouses connected which allow to maximize production for solanaceae (tomatoes), cucurbits, aromatic herbs and leafy vegetables (salads). Our techniques recreate a self-sustaining ecosystem of organic matter and water.
We position ourselves as the operator of the 5th facade of buildings. We generate sales revenue from the sale of production to restaurants, supermarkets and businesses located in (or near) the building.
We split the space in are dedicated for our client. So you can have half of the grenhouse for the supermarket of a mall, and the reste for a restaurant. Then out of the greenhouse you can have a section for the vegetable garden of a company and another for a gastronomic restaurant which is experiencing some news species for his future menu.
Our farming techniques allow us to propose the triptych: nourishing agriculture, depollution of the city and the creation of social link. We work with restaurateurs, supermarkets and companies (participative vegetable garden) in 3 cities (Paris + Paris area).
We want to see an urban farm blooming on each roof will allow it. The objective is to sell part of the production to restaurants or supermarkets that will be able to offer local fruits and vegetables. The other part of the fruits and vegetables can be offered to the inhabitants in the form of picking in an island of freshness created by the urban farm. These farms will sell fruits and vegetables without any pollution associated with their production.
Created in September 2016, Cueillette Urbaine currently has 5 employees, 6 client references in Ile de France including L'oréal or BNP and will operate by 2018 1000m² of fruit and vegetable production area in urban areas.
We want to develop our project in any urban area.
By 2030, we want to contribute to the depollution of cities, to produce green energy and healthy food for everybody.


Karachi - Pakistan

doctHERs - Using Technology to Reintegrate Women in the Global Health Workforce: The exclusion of women in the workforce in both developing countries and mature markets has resulted in not only a massive loss of human potential but also loss of human life - especially in countries (including the US) where millions of people continue to lack access to quality, affordable healthcare. Globally, is estimated that over 300,000 licensed female healthcare providers are transitionally excluded from the workforce from anywhere between 6 months to 10 years due to parenting responsibilities. In emerging markets such as Pakistan, the good news is that 60% of medical school graduates are women. The bad news is that 3 out every 4 of these graduates are not participating in the workforce - largely due to sociocultural barriers that prevent them from achieving their professional aspirations with their family responsibilities. doctHERs reintegrates female healthcare providers (HCPs) who have been excluded from the workforce by using a digital health platform that connects remotely-located female doctors (who work from home) to health consumers in need via trusted intermediaries such as tablet-equipped nurse/midwife-assisted video-consultation (telemedicine). Lower-middle income frontline health workers (community health promoters, nurses and midwives) are recruited, trained and equipped with technology - hardware, software and wifi/broadband connectivity. They are then deployed in corporate offices, factories, retail clinics and ambulances where they are able to connect health consumers (especially female workers who otherwise have highly restricted access to women's health) to remotely located female doctors. These trusted intermediaries are trained to conduct sophisticated diagnostic and interventional procedures under the supervision and guidance of a remotely located (home-based) female doctor. doctHERs pathway to scale is through collaboration with large distribution and co-financing corporate partners such as Danone, Sanofi, etc. In collaboration with Unilever, GSK & Reckitt Benckiser, doctHERs has provided over 45000 paid video-consultations to low-income workers in corporate value chains including 6000 consultations that have focused on educating low-middle income women on breast cancer, self-examination and mammography. By 2030, doctHERs will impact over 200 million lives across 5 continents while reintegrating 50,000 women into the workforce.

Zéphyr Solar

Bobigny - France

Zephyr Solar designs aerial autonomous energy platforms that take the form of rapidly deployable solar balloons. Our aerial platforms integrate embedded functionalities made autonomous in energy thanks to ultralight solar panels covering our balloons.

Zephyr Solar is intended for aerial services market such emergency response to NGOs on devastated areas, aerial safety services on industrial or large area to cover and local telecommunication network on isolated sites.


Meise - Belgium

Today, 83% of European citizens feel that their local government is not responsive to their needs. Cities, being on a tight budget, need flexible solutions to bridge this communication gap. CitizenLab responds to this growing need with its ready-to-use civic engagement platform for local governments to reach more citizens, setup and manage participation projects, and drive better decisions. CitizenLab's platform empowers citizens to have a direct say in the decision-making processes and to co-create their city, while supporting local governments to take better informed data-driven decisions. It is build as a flexible SaaS platform that combines scalability with modularity, i.e. easy tailoring to different needs through a wide range of participation on offer. CitizenLab built successful business cases over the past two years with renowned cities such as The Hague, Brussels, and Vancouver. It is currently in use in more than 85 cities across 8 countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Canada, and Bermuda), reaching more than 100K citizens and resulting in already €500K annual recurring revenues. A €3 billion market opportunity to shape public governance is on the horizon. To seize this, CitizenLab will develop a multilingual AI-assisted end-to-end workflow for the processing and analysis of citizen input within local governments, which will help its existing and potential customers perform more efficient business processes, and save resources overall. Through a combination of upselling and new customer acquisitions in the North West European markets, it is the company’s objective to have acquired +250 customers by the end of 2020. With this project, CitizenLab aims to become Europe’s leading digital agora by scaling internationally to over 1.300 cities within the 5 next years, reaching annual revenues of over 5M EUR in 2023 and counting +100 employees. Thereby, shaping citizen participation for the digital age by making public decision-making more transparent, collaborative and efficient.


Paris - France

Convinced that Augmented Reality will reshape how we work in the future, we provide industrial companies with the best tools to take advantage of this revolution. With Bridge, our SaaS solution, we radically improve design, sales and training phases of industrial companies.
Bridge is making it easy to present 3D models to other people, wherever they are. By removing the need to build real mockups, industrial companies are gaining time and reducing their logistics costs.

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