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African Living Cities

Paris is a committed city, experimenting and innovating alongside its inhabitants, businesses, and associations to meet the challenges of the 21st century. In December 2015, Paris became an international leader among sustainable cities by hosting the COP21 and organizing in parallel the global Climate Summit for Local Leaders, who made their voices heard by member States during negotiations. In its wake, the Africa-France Summit scheduled for June 2020 aims to help African cities resolve the rural-urban drift, among other challenges facing the continent. How can we join forces to build the sustainable and inclusive city of tomorrow, in Africa and in Paris?

African entrepreneurs only are invited to apply, with projects that identify and support best practices for making the City smart and sustainable.

Topics include:
- Sustainable use of land and natural solutions
- Urban security
- Urban mobility
- Sustainable transport
- Digital transition
- Renewable energy sources
- Methods to reduce the need for air conditioning
- Solutions to decrease urban sprawl
- Energy conservation systems
- Urban and collaborative economy
- Education



keagpi1.pngKea Medicals améliore la qualité des soins en facilitant la remontée de l’historique médical des patients. Leur système d’information hospitalier permet d’interconnecter les structures de santé à travers une base de données unique grâce à l’identification médicale universelle des patients (IMU).


ahminigpi1.pngAhmini a développé une plateforme qui permet de faciliter l’affiliation des femmes rurales au système de couverture sociale tunisien. Les ouvrières et artisanes peuvent ainsi adhérer et cotiser à distance et de façon simplifiée via un téléphone portable.


colibagpi1-1.pngColiba transforme la collecte et le recyclage des déchets plastiques à travers une plateforme web qui met en relation les ménages et les entreprises produisant des déchets plastiques avec des collecteurs affiliés. En échange du plastique collecté, les ménages reçoivent des points convertibles en data internet, en produit de beauté, et bientôt en produits alimentaires de base. Les plastiques collectés sont transformés en paillettes et en granulés que les entreprises locales utilisent pour la fabrication d'autres matériaux.

Solar Freeze

solarfreezegpi1.pngSolar Freeze is pioneering mobile cold storage units powered by solar energy for perishable produce, to help rural smallholder farmers reduce the huge challenge of post-harvest loss. Through mobile money transactions, smallholder farmers can find the nearest cold storage through the App service providing a convenient solution for managing fresh produce and providing cost savings in food, hardware and physical space.

Traveler Inc Cameroon

travelergpi1.pngTraveler Inc Cameroon focused on leveraging cutting edge technologies to fight against road accidents on the highways. Traveler collects data on cars moving and provides informed statistics on risks of incidents based on a prediction model deployed in smartphones.

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