2018 Innovation Grand Prix Regulations

Article 1 – Objectives and Organization

The 2018 Innovation Grand Prix are intended to encourage, support and showcase young innovative companies. The Moonshot 2040 is specially dedicated to international young innovative companies. Innovation is understood to mean a pioneering technology, procedure or service that could be widely disseminated.

The Innovation Grand Prix are organized by Paris&Co with the support of the City of Paris. The call for projects shall take place from June 8th, 2018 to August 22th, 2018 (to October 10th, for Moonshot 2040).

On 11th December 2018, the 10 international finalists will have the opportunity to enjoy a Business Day in Paris. On 11th December 2018, they will meet Innovation Representatives of each partner and will be invited to pitch live in front of a jury of experts. On 11 December, an award ceremony will be held during which the winners of the 2018 Innovation Grand Prix will be announced.

Article 2 – Definition

The terms set out below have the following meanings:

“Organization”: Corresponds to Paris&Co and the secretariat of the competition.

“Company”: The Company is the smallest combination of legal units that is an Organizational unit producing goods or services, which benefits from a certain degree of autonomy in decision-making, especially for the allocation of its current resources. The company is registered with the competent authorities.

“Competition”: the “Innovation Grand Prix” competition organized by the City of Paris and Paris&Co.

Article 3 - Applications and Admissibility

May participate in this competition for Moonshot 2040 : any independent international company (SME within the meaning of Community legislation, no more than 50% of the capital of which is held by a company which exceeds the size criteria of a SME within the meaning of Community legislation), nominally represented by one of its directors and which has been active for 0-5 years.

May not participate: French companies, members of the various juries, experts called upon within the framework of this competition, as well as members of their families (partners, ascendants, descendants and first degree relatives), employees of the City of Paris and Paris&Co.

French companies can participate to other categories (see french website : https://www.grandsprixinnovation.paris/).

The applicants of previous editions of International Innovation Awards may compete with the exception of winning companies.

Each applicant company may only present one application per year.

Article 4 – Evaluation Criteria

The project evaluation is based on:

  • the innovative nature of the proposed technology or service,
  • the project’s economic viability and its potential for job creation,
  • the quality of the team.

Article 5 – Creation of the file

The application file shall be available from August 22th, 2018 (to October 10th, for Moonshot 2040 category) on the https://www.grandsprixinnovation.paris/en/ website. The entire procedure must be completed in paperless format

The duly completed application file must be returned in electronic form in the personal space section of the https://www.grandsprixinnovation.paris/en/ website.

In order for the file to be taken into account, the applicant must validate the submission of their file in their personal space before August 22th, 2018 (to October 10th, for Moonshot 2040 category).

The applicants undertake to provide the following elements:

• An executive summary of a maximum of 5 pages; you may use the questions in the detailed plan as a guide.

• Supporting documents in the “attachments” tab of your personal space: press kit, customer testimonials, diagrams, illustrations, studies, CVs, financial components, and all other information you feel is necessary in order to complete your file.

In the event that the application file proves to be incomplete, the Organization may ask the participating Company to complete it.

The online application form must be fully completed.

In the event of technical problems, please email chloe.vincent@www.grandsprixinnovation.paris.

The detailed description of the project must include the information listed on the form and in the detailed plan as far as possible.

The application file must be completed in English only.

The names of the files submitted must include the project name and must not contain any special characters (%,*,€, etc.).

All incomplete application files are liable to be considered as inadmissible in the eyes of the jury.

A notification shall be sent to incomplete submissions 2 weeks before the closing date for submissions.

The deadline for application submissions for the Innovation Grand Prix is August 22th, 2018 (to October 10th, for Moonshot 2040 category).

Article 6 – Administrative follow-up of files

Files may not be returned to applicants.

For all questions regarding the administrative follow-up of files, please email chloe.vincent@grandsprixinnovation.paris

Article 7 – Legitimacy of applications

Participation in the Competition implies acceptance and compliance with the provisions of these regulations.

In general and regardless of the type of project, the applicants must provide a comprehensive and honest description of the status of their project, particularly with regard to intellectual property. Any case of non-compliance may result in the exclusion of the applicant.

Article 8 – Selection and Jury

The technical secretariat of the Innovation Grand Prix shall organize the reception, registration, examination and technical selection of files and shall inform applicants of the results of the various selection stages.

Juries of experts shall be constituted, which shall be responsible for naming the finalists and the winners.

The finalists must present their project to the jury on the date set. Any absence at the presentation shall result in the disqualification of the file. The winners shall be named from among these finalists.

The results of the deliberations shall remain confidential until the date of the 2018 Innovation Grand Prix, set for the 11 December 2018.

Article 9 - Prize

Each finalist shall be entitled to:

10 finalists with a travel allowance of:

- €500 for European participants

- €1,000 for participants living outside Europe

The 10 finalists will have 1 month free incubation in Paris&Co incubators to be used in the 6 months after the award ceremony held on 11 December 2018.

The winner of Moonshot 2040 category will receive:

- a Prize of €12,000

Article 10 – Commitments of the Winners

The competition applicants undertake to:

• Provide the required information concerning them in good faith and respond to any request made by the Organisation.

• Adhere strictly to the criteria for participation in the Competition.

• Comply with the legal and regulatory provisions applicable to the project they submit to the juries and the competition commissions, particularly the provisions relating to tax law, labour law, intellectual and industrial property rights including trademarks, patents, copyright, and database rights, without this list being exhaustive.

• Acknowledge that any lack or delay in communicating the elements required for the examination of their application file may result in the rejection of this application and that the Organisation shall not be held liable.

The winners of the 2018 Innovation Grand Prix undertake to:

• Indicate in all communications and declarations that they are 2018 Innovation Grand Prix winners.

• Provide all information on the progress of their project at the request of the City of Paris or Paris&Co, particularly by responding to annual surveys, until the fifth consecutive year following the attribution of the 2018 Innovation Grand Prix.

Article 11 - Advertising and Communication

The applicants and winners authorize Paris&Co and the City of Paris to:
• Publish their full contact information and the non-confidential description of their project indicated on the application file, within the framework of information and communication activities related to the 2018 Innovation Grand Prix without claiming any right, of any kind.

This provision concerns all corporate and public communications materials: files, press releases, websites, video records.

Article 12 - Confidentiality

The members of the jury and persons having access to the files submitted within the framework of the 2018 Innovation Grand Prix undertake in writing to treat as confidential the information provided by the Companies with the exception of elements necessary to communication related to the Competition.The members of the jury having access to the files submitted within the framework of the Competition shall have signed a confidentiality agreement, in which they undertake to treat all of the information relating to projects other than those selected as strictly confidential.

Article 13 - Disputes

The act of submitting a participation file implies the applicants’ unqualified acceptance of the present regulations, with no possibility of complaint with regard to the results, which shall not be contested, given that the juries are the supreme authorities and have no obligation to justify their decision.

Article 14 - Protection des données

Paris&Co, dont le siège est situé 157, Boulevard Macdonald, 75 019 Paris, s’engage à n’utiliser les données recueillies par les candidats qu’à des fins d’information sur les Grands Prix de l’Innovation et d’autres événements organisés par Paris&Co.

Paris&Co s’engage à ne céder ces données à aucun tiers, partenaire ou prestataire, sous aucune forme que ce soit, en dehors de l’organisation du concours. Les candidats disposent d’un droit d’opposition, d’accès, de rectification à tout moment et d’effacement des données à l’issue du concours, le 12 décembre 2018.

Les candidats peuvent en outre contacter Paris&Co pour être informé des finalités du traitement de leurs données et de leur durée de conservation via le mail : donneespersonnelles@parisandco.com

Article 15 - Data protection

Paris&Co, headquartered at 157, Boulevard Macdonald, 75019 Paris, is committed to protecting your privacy. We use personal data collected from candidates solely for informational and communications purposes for the Innovation Grand Prix and other events organized by Paris&Co. Paris&Co does not share your personal data with any third parties, partners or service providers, in any format whatsoever, for any other purposes unrelated to the competition.
Applicants have the right to access the personal information we hold, and to ask that their personal information be corrected or updated at any time and/or deleted after the competition ends on 12 December 2018.
To do this, or for any further information regarding the use of your data, please contact us: donneespersonnelles@parisandco.com

Article 16 - Image rights

By accepting the rules, the candidate declares that he accepts that Paris&Co can freely record and use his / her image and remarks at the Innovation Grand Prix (videos of the finalists broadcast on the awards ceremony evening and on the Innovation Grand Prix website and photos and videos of the Innovation Grand Prix ceremony evening on 11th December 2018 at the Cité de la Mode et du Design).

The dissemination and exploitation of these images, words and documents may be carried out by means of websites, press, films and photo libraries, accessible without any access restrictions and without remuneration of the person concerned, for an unlimited period of time, in whole or as extracts.

Paris & Co remains at the disposal of the candidate should they have any complaints concerning photos and videos that could be taken on the day of the event and published.