2019 Innovation Grand Prix Regulations – Paris 2040 Category

These regulations are specific to the Paris 2040 category. For the other categories, consult the general regulations.

Article 1 – Objectives and Organization

The Innovation Grand Prix encourage, support and showcase young innovative companies. Innovation is understood to mean a pioneering technology, procedure or service that could be widely disseminated.

The Innovation Grand Prix are organized by Paris&Co with the support of the City of Paris.

A prize will be awarded for the category Paris 2040:
Trees that light up the city and enhance air quality, urban noise catalyzers, autonomous urban farms that fly, self-repairing civil engineering works, on-demand collective urban transport, vehicles that run on safe, zero-emission hydrogen fuel, automatically customized menus in restaurants, …

The future is bright for the world of research and innovation, as it seeks to develop easier city living with a peaceful social climate and harmonious community life. Applicants in the “Paris 2040” category aspire to inventing the city of the future. They are committed to addressing societal challenges while rethinking the 2040 experience of city living. Their projects offer the potential for a decarbonized, sustainable city where the environment and people are top priorities.

Applicants may be companies, associations, or research teams. If the business model doesn’t exist yet, the concept must be sufficiently developed for it to be assessed and evaluated by the members of the jury.
- New ways of interacting
- Transport of the future
- New ways of working
- New modes of consumption
- Leisure activities of the future....

The call for projects closes on Monday 16 September 2019 at 12:00 and the awards ceremony will take place on 11 December 2019 at the “Hôtel de Ville” in Paris (Paris City Hall).

Article 2 – Definition

The terms set out below have the following meanings:

“Competition”: the “Innovation Grand Prix” competition organized by the City of Paris and Paris&Co.

“Applicant”: a candidate representing a project competing in the Innovation Grand Prix Paris 2040 category.

The applicant may be an individual (engineer, researcher, doctoral or post-doctoral candidate, etc.) belonging to a structure such as a laboratory, pubic research organization, corporation, association or a consortium.

Paris&Co requires proof that the Applicant has obtained permission from the organization’s legal representative. The same structure may have several applicants, as long as the projects presented are different.

If the project is awarded a prize, Paris & Co will draw up a contract and make the payout to the institution, organization, association or corporate entity with which the applicant is affiliated.

“Prizewinner”: Company or legal entity chosen as the winner in the category and/or special distinction in which it participated, in the framework of the Innovation Grand Prix.

“Organization”: Paris&Co and the secretariat of the competition

Article 3 – Applications and Admissibility

The following are eligible for participation in the Paris 2040 category:

  • A company (fewer than 250 employees and /or annual revenue less than €50M)
  • A public or private research laboratory (applicant may be an individual researcher affiliated with the laboratory);
  • An association legally represented by one of its directors (the entity must be officially created by Monday 16 September 2019 at the latest).
  • Also open to private, public or PPP consortiums, in which case it is represented by one its member organizations.

Whatever the type of structure, it must be located in France and officially created by Monday 16 September 2019 at the latest.

Ineligible to participate: members of the various juries, experts called upon within the framework of this competition, as well as members of their families (partners, spouses, ascendants, descendants and first-degree relatives), employees of the City of Paris and Paris&Co.
The applicants of previous editions of International Innovation Awards may compete, except for prior prizewinners.
Each company may only present one application per year.

Article 4 – Evaluation Criteria

Project evaluation is based on:

- Scientific and technological quality (if applicable). Preliminary results obtained, publications, scientific context
- The innovative character and potential value-add compared to current research

Presentation of current research and technologies, in comparison with the solution and possible alternatives
- Socio-economic impact, transfer potential, market opportunities identified

Innovation and transfer approach: preliminary vision of applications, users and markets; business model definition and process; contacts with end users and marketing approach
- Technical and economic feasibility, potential for job creation (human resources, calendar, partnership potential, quality of the team)

Main steps, milestones, deliverables; alignment of resources and calendar; risk management

Article 5 – Creation of the application file

The application file shall be made available on the website https://www.grandsprixinnovation.paris/en/.

The entire application must be completed in digital format.

The duly completed application must be returned in electronic form.
For the file to be considered, applicants must validate file submission on or before Monday 16 September 2019 at 12:00 noon) in their personal space on the website https://www.grandsprixinnovation.paris/en/.

Applicants must provide the following elements:

-    An application following the template provided on the website (all researchers competing in the Paris 2040 category must be able to provide, at a minimum, the primary proof of concept elements).

The application must include the signature of the structure’s legal representative (University, public research organization, corporation, association). If the applicant is a laboratory, this signature must include the laboratory director’s official stamp.

In the event an application file proves to be incomplete, the Organization may ask the participating Company to complete it.
The online application form must be fully completed. Clearly indicate the category in which the applicant chooses to compete. Each applicant may only compete in one category.

In the event of technical problems, please email: chloe.vincent@www.grandsprixinnovation.paris.

The detailed description of the project must include the information listed on the form and in the detailed plan as far as possible.
The application form must be completed ONLY in the French language.
The names of the files submitted must include the project name and must not contain any special characters (%,*,€, etc.).
All incomplete application files are liable to be considered as inadmissible by the jury.
A notification shall be sent to incomplete submissions 2 weeks before the closing date for submissions.
The deadline for application submissions for the Innovation Grand Prix is Monday 16 September 2019 for Paris 2040 category.

Article 6 – Administrative follow-up

Application files shall not be returned to applicants.

For all questions regarding the administrative follow-up of application files, please email chloe.vincent@grandsprixinnovation.paris

Article 7 – Eligibility of applications

Participation in the Competition implies acceptance and compliance with these regulations.

As a general rule, and regardless of the type of project, the applicants must provide a comprehensive and honest description of the status of their project, particularly with regard to intellectual property. Any case of non-compliance may result in the exclusion of the applicant.

Article 8 – Selection and Jury

The technical secretariat of the Innovation Grand Prix shall organize the reception, registration, examination and technical selection of files and shall inform applicants of the results of the various selection stages.

A jury of experts shall be constituted which shall be responsible for naming the finalists and the prizewinner.

The finalists must present their project to the jury on the date set. Any absence at the presentation shall result in the disqualification of the file. The winners shall be named from among these finalists.

The results of the deliberations shall remain confidential until the date of the 2019 Innovation Grand Prix, scheduled on 11 December 2019.

Jury deliberations are entirely independent and the jury, at its sole discretion, may designate two or more prizewinners in the same category. In such a case, the award money is equally divided between the co-prizewinners. The jury may also choose not to designate a winner in any category or special distinction competition, according to the quality of applications received.

Article 9 - Prizes

The winner shall be awarded:
- a cash prize of €12,000
Prizes will be notified by email sent to the winning organization and awarded to the winner of companies or other entities that are still active on 11 December 2019 and throughout the disbursement period. The deadline for disbursement is at least 3 months after 11 December 2019; payment will be made by Paris&Co with the following conditions:

  • For private entities, upon presentation of an invoice established by the winning organization;
  • For public establishments, the subsidy will be paid out after setting up a financing agreement, and upon presentation of invoices. 

Article 10 – Commitments of the Winners and Finalists

The competition applicants undertake to:

• Provide the required information concerning them in good faith and respond to any additional requests made by the Organization.
• strictly adhere to the criteria for participation in the Competition.
• Comply with the legal and regulatory provisions applicable to the project they submit to the juries and the competition commissions, particularly the provisions relating to tax law, labor law, intellectual and industrial property rights including trademarks, patents, copyright, and database rights, etc.
• Acknowledge that any lack or delay in communicating the elements required for the examination of their application file may result in the rejection of this application, and that the Organization shall not be held liable.

Grand Prix finalists agree to:

• publicize in all media communications and declarations that they are 2019 Innovation Grand Prix winners.
• provide information on the progress of their project at the request of the City of Paris or Paris&Co, by responding to annual surveys, until the fifth consecutive year following the 2019 Innovation Grand Prix.

Article 11 - Advertising and Communication

The applicants and winners authorize Paris&Co and the City of Paris to:

• publish non-confidential descriptions of their project as indicated on the application file, within the framework of information and communication activities related to the 2019 Innovation Grand Prix without claiming any right, of any kind.

This provision concerns all corporate and public communications materials: files, press releases, websites, video recordings.

Article 12 - Confidentiality

The members of the jury and persons having access to the files submitted within the framework of the Competition shall have signed a confidentiality agreement, in which they undertake to treat all the information relating to projects other than those selected as strictly confidential.

Article 13 - Image rights

By accepting the rules, applicants give Paris&Co the right to freely record and use his / her image and remarks at the Innovation Grand Prix (videos of the finalists broadcast at the awards ceremony evening and on the Innovation Grand Prix website, photos and videos of the Innovation Grand Prix ceremony on 11 December 2019 at Paris City Hall, and during the announcement of finalists in October).

The diffusion and exploitation of these images, words and documents may be carried out by means of websites, press, films and photo libraries, accessible without any access restrictions and without remuneration of the person concerned, for an unlimited period, either fully or in the form of extracts.

Paris&Co remains at the disposal of applicants for any complaints concerning photos and videos that may be published on the day of the event.

Article 14 - Data protection

Paris&Co, headquartered at 157, Boulevard Macdonald, 75019 Paris, is committed to protecting your privacy. We use personal data collected from candidates solely for informational and communications purposes for the Innovation Grand Prix and other events organized by Paris&Co. Paris&Co does not share your personal data with any third parties, partners or service providers, in any format whatsoever, for any other purposes unrelated to the competition.

Applicants have the right to access the personal information we hold, and to ask that their personal information be corrected or updated at any time and/or deleted after the competition ends on 12 December 2019.
To do this, or for any further information regarding the use of your data, please contact us: donneespersonnelles@parisandco.com

Article 15 - Disputes

The act of applying for this competition implies the applicants’ unqualified acceptance of the present regulations; applicants waive the right to file complaints with regard to the results, which shall not be contested; all jury decisions are final, and the jury has no obligation to justify its decision.


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