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The aim of the Paris Innovation Grand Prix is to support the development of innovative companies in the fast-growing sectors operating in Ile-de- France region.




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Energy & mobility

Nearly half the world population lives in urban areas. This has generated growing demand for mobility corresponding to increasingly intense energy consumption and pollution that is harmful to everyone, but especially the most fragile. Innovation is a crucial factor to ensure a healthy and ecologically sustainable future for all urban dwellers.
Does your innovation concern a technology or a service that directly or indirectly improves urban environments? Is it economically, socially and ecologically sustainable? Your innovation contributes to reducing or enhancing the use of energy, or to new production modes in dense urban areas.

Upload your application in the « Energy & mobility” category:
- Energy efficiency
- Low carbon and decentralised energies
- Waste treatment, recycling and recovery (circular economy)
- Green chemistry
- Solutions (products or services) for low environmental impact buildings
- Energy storage
- Reducing fine particle emissions
- Collaborative mobility
- Soft mobility
- Last mile logistics
- Autonomous and connected vehicles
- Clean fuels
- New clean transports, collective and individual

Your innovation consists of developing products or solutions for the health and wellbeing sector.
You are dedicated to researching and/or transforming current healthcare practices, and using new technologies is essential. Your service, product or solution contributes notably to improving patient follow-up, the healthcare trajectory, healthcare practices, patient relations and observation, and healthcare prevention and education. Your solution can be a new technology or a service. User design is a strong component of your innovative approach – one that enhances the healthcare trajectory, preventive treatments and the management of patient primary and post-treatment care.

- Medical equipment
- Medical instruments
- Healthcare related services
- Preventive measures
- Accompanying dependency, the disabled and elder care
- Patient relations
- Proper use of medication (complex medical prescriptions)
- Vaccination information and follow-up
- Medical imaging systems, image sharing and use
- Enhancing the role of healthcare for doctors and dispensing pharmacies

Reinventing user experience

In the era of ultra-personalization, modern clients are seeking an experience – whether buying online or in person at a physical shop. This means that retailers need in-depth knowledge of their customers to adopt an omnichannel approach. The purpose? To deliver unforgettable brand contact and a smooth customer journey. Contestants in the “Reinventing User Experience” category develop innovations related to services, software and hardware in general, designed to enhance the user experience both online and offline:

- Omnichannel customer journey
- Personalization and enhanced customer experience
- Datamining, big data, databases
- Operating systems
- Cyber security
- New in-store customer experiences
- Customer loyalty incentives
- Robotics and smart objects
- Solutions for active and responsible consumers

Paris 2040

Trees that light up the city and enhance air quality, urban noise catalyzers, autonomous urban farms that fly, self-repairing civil engineering works, on-demand collective urban transport, vehicles that run on safe, zero-emission hydrogen fuel, automatically customized menus in restaurants, … The world of research and innovation has better days ahead, as it seeks to develop easier city living with a peaceful social climate and harmonious community life. Applicants in the “Paris 2040” category aspire to inventing the city of the future. They are committed to addressing societal challenges while rethinking the 2040 experience of city living. Their projects offer the potential for a decarbonized, sustainable city where the environment and people are top priorities.

Applicants may be companies, associations, or research teams. If the business model doesn’t exist yet, the concept must be sufficiently developed for it to be assessed and evaluated by the members of the jury.

- New ways of interacting
- Transport of the future
- New ways of working
- New modes of consumption
- Leisure activities of the future....

African Living Cities

Paris is a committed city, experimenting and innovating alongside its inhabitants, businesses, and associations to meet the challenges of the 21st century. In December 2015, Paris became an international leader among sustainable cities by hosting the COP21 and organizing in parallel the global Climate Summit for Local Leaders, who made their voices heard by member States during negotiations. In its wake, the Africa-France Summit scheduled for June 2020 aims to help African cities resolve the rural-urban drift, among other challenges facing the continent. How can we join forces to build the sustainable and inclusive city of tomorrow, in Africa and in Paris?

African entrepreneurs only are invited to apply, with projects that identify and support best practices for making the City smart and sustainable.

Topics include:
- Sustainable use of land and natural solutions
- Urban security
- Urban mobility
- Sustainable transport
- Digital transition
- Renewable energy sources
- Methods to reduce the need for air conditioning
- Solutions to decrease urban sprawl
- Energy conservation systems
- Urban and collaborative economy
- Education


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